about us

The Princess Palace Spa opened their doors on September 29th, 2018. As of March 2021, the spa is owned by Marisa Buelter who is married with 4 kids of her own & currently pregnant with her last child. Coincidentally, she has three boys with another one on the way and only 1 little princess at home. Her daughter, Ella, loves that her mom owns a little girls spa. She thinks its a dream come true and wants to run it when she gets older. Ella inspires her mom with every new idea she has for the spa.

What exactly is a “Kids Spa?” many ask. A kid’s spa is a place where kids can go and feel “grown up” like their mom when they drink out of their faux champagne flute while getting a pedicure. It’s a place where they can go and feel comfortable doing something they may not normally do, or the exact opposite and love to do! It’s not just services the spa provides, but it’s an overall experience.

Marisa has remodeled quite a bit to bring more of her own touches. Stay tuned while construction is underway! Phase 1 is already complete and she plans to finish after her pregnancy.

The spa is privately owned, which allows Marisa to create new and exciting ideas for her clients whenever they express they want to see more. When asked about expanding, Marisa said she’s hopeful one day she can franchise out, and spread the joy she does now all over the country!

Currently the spa does manicures, pedicures, facials, hosts birthday parties, runs camps & workshops, and has fun spa packages that kids can DIY fun stuff! We also have a small retail section great for gifting purchases. All services are done for entertainment purposes and are not performed with any nail tools other than a nail file. The spa does not perform gel, shellac, acrylic, or any type of nail service that includes chemicals or a license.

We do not have an age requirement but we do recommend 3 and up. If you think your little one can sit through services, we are more then willing to try!